True communication,一个小故事

Dean Abbott在他的博客讲了一个小故事

[In a seminar, a] guy there who would ask dumb questions  from the get-go: questions that we all knew the answer to and most folks thought were obvious. But as the lecture continued, this guy was the only one left asking questions, and of course was the only one who truly understood the lecture. What was happening is that he was constantly aligning what he thought he heard by asking for clarification. The rest  of those in the roomthought they understood, but in reality did not.


It reminds me to ask questions, even the dumb ones if it means forcing the one who is teaching or explaining to restate their point in different words, thus providing better opportunity for true communication.

如何做到True communication?提问或许是一种方式。通常,在提问时我们只关心怎么提问以及如何接收答案信息等提问者的活动,却很少会考虑提问对被提问者的作用。例如,通过提问可以让被提问者,从不同角度重新说明其观点,这样可以帮助提问者获取更多关于话题的信息。但是提一些简单的问题是需要勇气的,不要说在seminar,就算是在平时大学课堂上,我们学生或者老师都不会或不允许这么做。


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