Time Machine的启示

周末,一般是我整理邮件和Google reader的时间。和往常一样,邮箱里收到一封来自Time Machine的邮件:

Well, they say, Google Trends does this!!!

They are right, Google Trends does chart which searches have been rising in volume the quickest.  Unfortunately, the top results are usually ones which do us no good.  For instance as I write this, some of the top results are: Healthcare Debate (useless), Federal Financial Overhaul,  The bailout (again, useless to us), and The US Deficit.

The Time Machine has a 2nd level which screens for trends that can be profited from.  They told us about Acai, Gold, Quinoa, Lower Taxes, and On Demand Fitness.  The Internet Time Machine has worked in the Past, and it will work again.  The only question is will you hear what it says?

的确,Google trends提供了关于搜索数据的展示查询。用户(我很怀疑关心这些数据的用户有多少)能够很方便的查询到某个关键词的检索指数,指数值能在一定程度上反映该检索词的被关注程度。而TM,不同于trends,正如邮件所说,提供的是更深一层的数据展示。或许,一开始就从层次的角度理解二者会比较抽象。如果从两者处理数据的切入点来分析可能会更清晰:Google trends目的是展示检索词的关注程度,它会更多的关注检索词的PV;而TM展示的是检索词的潜在价值程度,它除了PV外还需要考虑更多的因素。

国内的搜索网站大都有自己的指数产品,例如百度有百度指数,腾讯搜搜搜搜指数。这些指数产品与google trends同属一类,它们仅关注检索词在关注层面上的数据,没有进一步挖掘检索词的内在价值。也许TM的想法对于这些指数产品会是一个新思路。


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