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第四范式:data-intensive science

从这个名为“The Fourth Paradigm”的博客上得知,计算机科学(computational science)被认为是科学探索(scientific discovery)的第三种范式(Paradigm)。其它两种范式分别是传统实验(traditional experimental)和理论科学(theoretical science)。如今,密集数据科学(data-intensive science)被认为是第四种范式: He had the idea of data-intensive science as a Fourth Paradigm of scientific exploration from Nobel Prize winner Ken Wilson. In the 1970’s Wilson categorized computational science as the third paradigm for … Continue reading

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True communication,一个小故事

Dean Abbott在他的博客讲了一个小故事: [In a seminar, a] guy there who would ask dumb questions  from the get-go: questions that we all knew the answer to and most folks thought were obvious. But as the lecture continued, this guy was the only one … Continue reading

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Time Machine的启示

周末,一般是我整理邮件和Google reader的时间。和往常一样,邮箱里收到一封来自Time Machine的邮件: Well, they say, Google Trends does this!!! They are right, Google Trends does chart which searches have been rising in volume the quickest.  Unfortunately, the top results are usually ones which do us no good.  For instance as I … Continue reading

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